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Bella's Story

Bella is a beautiful 1 year old cat who suffered a horrific leg fracture in February 2015.

Sadly on presentation to the Hospital she had developed a severe infection at the fracture site. (See top X-ray to right).

This weakened the bone's ability to heal when an External Skeletal Fixator and an intramedullary pin (lower X-ray to right) were used to stabilise the fracture. She did really well whilst the support was present, but sadly when this framework was removed, her leg re-fractured at the same site. 

At this point it was not considered fair to put Bella through another operation that could fail in view of the damage from the infection & a decision was made to amputate Bella's leg instead.

We often worry about subjecting our pets to this kind of surgery, worrying about their ability to cope afterwards. The truth is for most pets that they do amazingly well, and within a really short time -  Now she is again enjoying an active, pain free, 3 legged life in her new home with one of our vets with 2 adoring children and a Jack Russell best friend.

You can see video of Bella only a week after surgery HERE