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Minky's  Story

Here is the beautiful 13 year old, Minky.
Minky came into us a few days ago after his owners had found him in a neighbour’s garden, with blood around his face and feet. Upon his examination, we found that Minky had a suspected hard pallet fracture from a possible fall or trauma to his face.
Minky had a few days of antibiotics and pain relief to help clear any infection he may have had, and then came in again for us to x-ray his head to check for any other damage to the area. He had to have a full anaesthetic to allow us to suture the hole in his hard and soft pallet caused by the fracture.
Minky went to our main hospital over night due to some more bleeding however this morning he seemed to be doing well, the bleeding had stopped and looked like it had started to heal so he was sent home.....
Minky is now in recovery in the comfort of his own home and is resting lots. We are sure his lovely parents fussing over him, giving him loads of TLC and treating him with soft food to eat!
Here is a short video of the day he had with us yesterday...
Get well soon Minky!