Rosemary Avenue

Veterinary Clinic

Care, Compassion and Commitment

Laura Hawkins - RVN & Head Nurse
Laura is very passionate about education and provides this through nurse consults and general enquiries.

Jess Taylor - RVN
​Jess has two pet rabbits and is massivly interested in all aspects of rabbit health and care. She is our number one go to girl for rabbit care and information.

Lily Nicholson - RVN
Lily's extremly knowledgeable and keen on all aspects of anaesthesia.

​Stefanie Yianni - RVN
Stefanie is interested in inpatient care and emergency critical care and hopes to do a certificate in this once qualified.

​Stacy Meyer - SVN
​Stacy has a very big interest in canine behaviour and is currently completing a Canine Behaviour Diploma.  She also loves being part of Rosemary Avenue's puppy parties and giving general advice and guidance to clients and staff.

Cassie Rogers - VCA
​Cassie loves weight clinics for all types of pets and building that special bond and seeing great results.

Jo Butcher - Nursing Assistant
Jo enjoys helping  our qualified nurses to meet all our patients needs.

Lorraine Young - Nursing Assistant
​Lorraine helps in all aspects of running the practice including animal handling, cleaning and making the best cups of tea.